Show Schedule

**SCROLL  DOWN  on the  ‘SCRIBD’  page below for the show schedule**

changes in schedules are a given with our economic times…

performers do their best to set up their tours to accommodate

their audiences and final tweaking is sometimes needed.

these might not include the expensive trip to the island.

…therefore some concerts announced earlier might not be happening

so please double check your choices as the dates draw nearer.

advance tickets for all concerts are available

in the Duncan Garage Building

Ten Old Books for credit cards / interact sales  250-715-1383

Duncan Garage Showroom for cash sales 250-748-7246

ALL ticket prices include HST / ticket levy’s/ socan fees = 18%

please to note Duncan Garage Showroom is now

scheduling the Crofton Hotel as the

Crofton Hotel Showcase Venue

an entertainment venue that serves food / alcohol and has a dance floor…

we recently installed a new sound system suited to the room

and we will be the operators thereby guaranteeing

a memorable and pleasurable entertainment experience


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