Shows start ‘The Far Side of 8:00 pm Sharp!’ (8:15 ish) Pacific Time  PRESS PLAY ON SCREEN OR VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE

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16 responses to “LIVE STREAM

  1. Hey Jay..Im one of your friends on you didnt know that…lol Love your music and thank you for keepin it rollin! Have a great show Pat and Jay!! Im sharing this link now!!

  2. Suzanne

    Tim & Sean are totally dreamy!

  3. Lisa

    Really awesome guys… first time I heard you guys glad I was sent this link

  4. Thank you for sharing the music! I love that you are local and had so many songs pertaining to our Beautiful BC… PS Loved That Love Song ❤ thanks for the link Longevity John ❤

  5. Thank you for streaming the bellydance shows! Since moving back to the east coast, I miss my VanIsle dancers and it’s wonderful to be able to watch the shows.

    Thanks, Georgina!!

    -Lara (from Nanaimo, now in Halifax)

  6. *waving* (you’re just talking about the livestream now and I’m having fun watching my friends!) Please say hi to everyone for me!!!

  7. Monk Lover

    Long live the mammoth monk. Love from Calgary

  8. drew

    I wish i could clap!!

  9. Brendan

    Buck and Jess are dreamy!

    Great to hear you guys, I missed you in Penticton.


  10. Lorna Cosper

    Fabulous guys!! I am appauding.

  11. Ken

    Good listening!!!

  12. Linda Lou

    They must be getting tired!
    Lot of touring! It was great to see them live at your venue.

  13. Bernie Prediger

    Hey Maureen all the best sis go get em Bernie Prediger cool show

  14. Pam

    Sister Girl – Awesome. Great harmonizing. You rock.

  15. Great mix guys! I can’t see the bass player.

  16. bill

    Hi Martha, Joy, Chris, and Tess. So good to see and hear you. Miss you guys. Thanks Duncan Garage for streaming this.
    Joy’s Dad

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