Duncan Garage Showroom schedule September 13th and on…

Hello folks,

As usual, lots of great shows coming up…

Thursday September 13th 8pm

Dave Gallant / Chris Palmer

singer / songwriters that can aid in each other’s deliveries

and they do so…oh so well

a great evening of relaxing musicianship

$15 door $12 advance





Saturday September 15th 8pm

Christopher Hein

the hypnotist …

with an introduction to hypnosis

and then with audience participants….the fun begins

(safe/clean/ and full of positive intent

$15 door $12 advance




Sunday September 16th 8pm

Carter Rollins


a young duo with intent to go big…

and they are on their way…

come give them a listen and see why it might happen…

on the island as part of their BC tour

$15 door $12 advance






Monday September 17th 8pm

Emily Spiller

Nice thing about this business

is that sometimes things fall in your lap…

Emily is available on short notice

for a performance at the Showroom…

you may have seen her this summer as part of the 39 Days of July

special guest TBA

$15 door $12 advance



Tuesday September 18th 8pm

Dress Rehearsal Tuesday

various musicians drop in and play a few of their new works…

others attempt for the first time…

all in all it is about community…

no fear …no attitudes…

just people getting their ‘legs’ …

(drum kit and amps are set in place for this evening)

$5 for everyone



Wednesday September 19th 8pm

Movie Night

just like when we first opened…

we used to show a lot more film but alas…you can get into trouble

we do have some independent documentaries worth watching

and will show as many as the evening can accommodate

from Sombrio to a local surfing movie to a full length screening on crop circles

by donation




Thursday September 20th 8pm

Melanie Dekker

singer / songwriter / performer from Vancouver

having just returned from a European tour,

she is here to showcase her latest CD

$15 door $12 advance





Friday September 21st8pm

The Distributors

3 piece alt/rock/groove band from Nanaimo

Kaylie Russell – Bass/Vocals Brett Bourcier- Guitar/Vocals Austin Perison – Drums    wanting other people on the island to know to what it is they do

special guests:TBA

$12 door $10 advance




Saturday September 22nd 8pm

Goon Squad / Buck Fifty Productions /

Schaps & Northern Light /Gramps

gonna rock the place…

sorry, a sit down show…

$18 door $15 advance





Sunday September 23rd 2pm

Duncan’s Got Talent Recital

the top 5 finalists of the 2012 Duncan’s Got Talent

get a chance to perform songs of their choice

a recital so to speak…

the other entries are encouraged to attend Kid’s Dress Rehearsal

on the last Sunday of the month at 1pm

by donation




Sunday September 23rd 8pm

Cuban Fire

a traditional trio from Cuba

they are returning to Canada to warm our hearts

for a ‘sit down’ concert

$20 door $15 advance





Monday September 24th 8pm






Tuesday September 25th 8pm

Dress Rehearsal Tuesday

For The Love of Words

with your host

Bill Levity

a  written word appreciation night…come out and share your poems, stories

or your favourite piece by someone else…sing it, chant, word break dancing,

read off the page, it’s a night of word appreciation

most empowering and invigorating…

$5 for readers…$10 for others




Wednesday September 26th 8pm

9th Anniversary Showcase


The Barley Brothers Earthly Road Tour

Craig McKerron from the roots/bluegrass trio Slow Drag

(they opened the Showroom 9 years ago on the 27th )

has another band from Saltspring that he works with…

and being an anniversary, I invited him back…

$18 door $15 advance




Thursday September 27th 8pm

Craig McKee / Randii Andii

he is a magician.

she is ” A musical comedian with a brilliant mind

and a dirty mouth”

It’s going to be an insane, intense show

that as it turns out…they are excited to be putting on!

special guest:

rants from Keith Williams…

$20 door $15 advance


‘Bringing Comedy To Life, And Reality To An End’





Friday September 28th 8pm

Lola Parks Trio

back to Saskatchewan tour

Vancouver Island Music Awards 2012….Female Songwriter of the Year “Most mature, original, soulful and honest folk/fusion act”


Dynamic onstage presence, dangerous writing, immaculate vocal stylings”

just some of the things being said about Lola Parks

see you here

$15 door $12 advance






Saturday September 29th 8pm

Martyn Joseph

world class singer / songwriter

what a treat to have this gentle man return to the Showroom

tickets will go fast I expect at this price

the Welsh Woodie Guthrie”

$30 door $25 advance




Sunday September 30th 1pm -4pm

Kid’ Dress Rehearsal

.an ‘open mic’ concept…

If you are under the age of 17

and want to be on stage either singing/dancing/ or playing an instrument,

bring it on down to the Duncan Garage Showroom

where we will open up our stage and production tools

to showcase any young performer who so chooses…

Proceeds from donations

to the Cowichan Food Basket Society



Sunday September 30th 8pm

Don Ross / Brooke Miller

If you are a young aspiring guitar player

there is no other finer acoustic guitar player on the circuit today

come watch those fingers move

new styles/new approaches

heavy wood they say…haha..

either way

and then there is award winning Brooke,

the fabulous and gorgeous singer/songwriter,

Don’s wife as it turns out…

be here for a truly magical musical journey

$30 door $27 advance

www.gobyfish.com http://www.brookemiller.ca


Thanks for your support!!! 



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