Showroom Schedule August 31st and on….

Hello!  Here are the upcoming shows….


Friday August 31st 6pm and on

Longevity John’s

13th annual 50th birthday party

And Virgo uprising

Various musicians gather during the evening

and we use my birthday as a good excuse

to play tunes and have a good time

always a hoot

also an evening for fellow Virgo’s

or those that wish to be Virgo’s

by donation for the rent




Saturday September 1st 8pm

Alex Vissia / Peirson Ross

Alex brings a freshness to a country feel…

Peirson Ross is crossing the boundaries of traditional folk music with his experimental, world-influenced melodies.

together an evening of great entertainment 

$20 door $15advance







Sunday September 2nd 2pm

The Hope King Hour

90 minutes of great entertainment

on the first Sunday of each month

with young singer/songwriter Hope King…

joining her is stepdad Scott Magill,

as they bring you a vast repertoire of country classics

new country and originals that entertain for sure

and Hope highlights a local young musician with each monthly visit

$12 door $10 advance




Sunday September 2nd 8pm

A Kind of ‘Fringe’ Cabaret


The Loonatic Fringe Cast

(after 9pm…coming in from Victoria Fringe).

they will have: ( in no particular order)

Daniel Nimmo performing as Duke Dreamer- juggling/acrobatic act

Kristian Reimer- Stand up Comedy

Amy J Lester- Musical Clown

Nicole Ratjen- Princess Penelope Pamplemousse- Clown act

as well as 2 local acts to start the evening off…

and it is a long weekend…

$15 door $12 advance





Monday September 3rd 8pm

Luke and Tess Pretty

14 and 15 years old, they both play drums and keys,

and they both sing.

their shows are a nujazz/world/electronic journey

with many twists and turns,

incorporating a wide range of instruments from the accordion, harmonica and Hammond to new devices like the monome,

MPD pad and V-drums.

$12 door $10 advance





Tuesday September 4th 8pm

Dress Rehearsal Tuesday

various musicians drop in and play a few of their new works…

others attempt for the first time…

all in all it is about community…

no fear …no attitudes…

just people getting their ‘legs’ …

(drum kit and amps are set in place for this evening)

$5 for everyone








Wednesday September 5th 8pm

Bocephus King

starting where he left off with traces of the genre smashing joy

and adventure in his previous critically acclaimed


King has sabotaged the typecasting.

There’s less the gravel-raw hobo-rock alternating

with jazz-noir torch songs

present in his earlier music.

It is a very cool show

$15 door $12 advance





Thursday September 6th 8pm

The Celtic Cross

a Victoria Fringe play heads north to the valley

Matthew Jackson, a co-founder of Wanderweg Productions – a new theatre company based in Seattle, WA.  is bringing his original two-man show, The Celtic Cross, to the Victoria Fringe Festival, and they have a little window of time after the Fringe and before their next booking…

The Celtic Cross

In Northern Ireland, two communities are at odds with each other. Their conflict is not only political, but ideological. The Protestant Loyalist side believes that Northern Ireland should remain part of the United Kingdom. The Catholic Nationalist side believes that Northern Ireland should become part of the Republic of Ireland. “The Troubles” refer to the thirty years of violence and terrorism between these two groups. Peace resolutions in the late 1990s brought an end to the sectarian violence, but the peace achieved is a shaky one.

The Celtic Cross is the story of the unlikely friendship that forms between Jacob and Thomas, two young men in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Jacob is a Protestant Loyalist and Thomas is a Catholic Nationalist. Set in the early 1990s, before the peace agreement, these two men have lived their entire life during “the Troubles.” Although they are conditioned to hate each other, an improbable friendship unfolds, but their circumstances force them to choose between their friendship and their beliefs.

This powerful new drama explores what it means to be Protestant, Catholic, Irish, British, too powerful for your own good, but too weak to change anything. But at its deepest – at its core – the play shows these two characters in their struggle to find humanity; in their friend, in their enemy, but most importantly – in themselves.

“The Celtic Cross is a beautiful, harrowing, captivating play with heartfelt, heartbreaking characters and the perfect mix of history, timeliness, and looking forward. In the tradition of so much good theater, Wanderweg’s two-person traveling production feels grand and sweeping even as it hits so close to home.”
– Laurie Frankel, Author (“Atlas of Love” and “Goodbye for Now”)

$15 door $12 advance



Friday September 7th 8pm

Matt Mei…solo

from Vancouver, lap slide guitarist in both electric and dobro styles

comes to the valley for 2 nights

$15 or $25 for both nites




Saturday September 8th 8pm

Matt Mei…with the band…

from Vancouver, lap slide guitarist in both electric and dobro styles

comes to the valley with his band for the 2nd nite…

$15 or $25 for both






Monday September 10th 8pm

Anne Vriend

if you can like someone

who knows that Dolly Parton was a piano playing lounge singer

before the big fame

will be impressed with this gal….

such subtle references to such a great voice and genre….

a very witty songwriter,

her musical journey is a wonderful treat……

$18 door $15 advance….





Tuesday September 11th8pm

Blues Tuesday

where various off-duty blues players get together

and rent ice time to shoot a game or two of musical shinny…

always interesting…

hosts Thor and the Thundercat

$10 for audience…$5 for musicians









Thursday September 13th 8pm

Dave Gallant / Chris Palmer

singer / songwriters that can aid in each other’s deliveries

and they do so…oh so well

a great evening of relaxing musicianship

$15 door $12 advance











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