April 5th and on

already we are in April…sure feels like it’s going by fast……..now if the weather would just catch up…as in some more sunshine…(feels soooo good when the sun does shine)

well, we do our best to simulate sunshine….such as having Dayna Manning coming in on Thursday April 5th….sharing the evening’s lineup will be Ryan McMahon, from Ladysmith these days…

Friday is a huge treat in that Diamond Joe White does not venture to the stage much these past years,…least not around here …with Nathan Tinkham, we plan on making  this Good Friday a great Friday…

Saturday April 7th is a day for poets or those that wish to be…..a workshop in the afternoon with Slam Poet Jeremy Loveday and a performance in the evening keeps the ‘spoken word’ in the forefront…special guest to end the evening is a visit from Emily Spiller (a must see/hear)

Sunday is a performance in the afternoon for Annie Borch, her monthly visit…come see why I gave her the second Sunday of each month…

Easter Sunday has Bill Bourne returning to the Showroom for one of his extensive musical journeys …..always a treat (and again introducing Emily Spiller)

Monday appears to be a day off and then the monthly Blues Tuesday returns. …always fun

Special Treat….Dianna Braithwaite-Chris Whiteley and friends on Wednesday April 11th will be a stellar evening of entertainment….such a handle on that 40’s -50’s blues genre…..a do not miss concert

and on Friday Kelly Joe Phelps…what can I say….sorry for everyone having to make decisions , but this is another ‘do not miss’ concert….a coup having him return, he has   a huge American following….known for his kinda bluesy/folk acoustic guitar stylings and lyrical content, we trust you will do the homework and become a Kelly Joe fan..

for the younger audiences (under 30…haha) Jeremy Fisher returns…had over 135 viewers on our ‘live stream’ last visit…..cause he connects with his audiences in such a way to make them life long fans

Lena’s Living Room on Sunday the 15th of April keeps that ‘friendly living room jam’ kinda feel in the venue as she brings her musical friends to join her

Dress Rehearsal Tuesday again gives all those looking to get their ‘legs’ a chance….

and lastly on this ‘quick reminder’ is the Lynn Miles concert (with special guest Keith Glass from Prairie Oyster) on Wednesday April 18th….she is a musical treat , they say she can take ‘ being forlorn into a state of grace’

again, sorry for giving everyone too many choices, but there appears to be no reason to not show up for at least one if not more of this months great performances….hope to see you soon

(remember our Showdough deal…..$100 Canadian gets you $120 of Duncan Garage Showroom Showdough)


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