march 27th and on

just had a great show with Melissa Ruth…do check her out

but Tuesday is For the Love of Words with host Bill Levity….always fun and educational to boot….

wednesday is a dark night as we ready up some computer stuff to better our presentations….

Thursday is Stef Lang returning to the Showroom…what a ball of energy and good…let me tell you….no let the music industry tell you as their heads are turned by this young powerhouse from Ladysmith…(now living in Vancouver)

Friday is is a showcase of two Island singer/songwriters…Danny as a duo and Nicole as a band……indie /rock

Saturday has our local Naomi Payan opening for Jodi Doidge  from Vancouver and both showcasing their latest EP’s

Sunday is the beginning of April with a visit from  Hope King in the afternoon and in the evening is Camille Miller with guitarist Murray Atchison (from the Odds ) joining her….youch…that will be fun

Monday is the visit from Nanaimo’s School of Rock class struttin’ their newness as bands…

Tuesday will be open mic again with drums and bass  guitar amps in place….come join as audience or as a performer

Wednesday is the 4th of April, not yet booked but maybe a movie…we will let you all know as soon as we know…haha

Thursday is Ryan McMahon and his friend Dayna Manning….2 great singer/songwriters in one night

Good Friday is funked up with Coco Jafro…come dig this stuff

Saturday is a poetry workshop….something to do on a long weekendd….sliding scale and then a showcase of your words in the evening performance…

Sunday afternoon is Anna Borch’s monthly Sunday appearance at 2pm and in the evening is my good friend Bill Burne….days gone by as Bourne and McLeod, his solo career his spell binding…. a must witness performance… a great   way to spend Easter Sunday with any guests in town visiting…

Monday ends the long weekend with some young indie/rock/pop worth listening to…


remember our ‘live streams’ if you can’t make a concert and please remember our ‘donate ‘ button…thanks


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