March 14th – 24th

Lots of interesting shows coming March 14th to the 24th…

Wednesday has Kevin Annett giving a talk about residential school abuses he has discovered with implications to established churches that has left him as an outcast from many Canadian institutions… ingest, digest and see what you come up with… 7pm start… by donation.


Thursday brings Emily Spiller and her totally cool r&b/soul stylings back to the Showroom… a solo show, she does use her pre-recorded tracks on her computer and then layers her vocals on her loop machine and then rises above to take us on the most memorable r&b and soul journey of your day… haha… really, it is fantastic.


Friday is kind of a bluegrass festival… a traditional band in Bluegrass Fever with the more youthful, beer infused punk style bluegrass of Cornshed on second…


Saturday sees Danny Keehn of Fairweather Father… a more acoustic version of his writings, Jordon joins in on hand drum and vocals… Larry Hanson is a first nations singer/songwriter from Campbell River and David Joe, local filmmaker is going to shoot a video of the whole evening… all in all it will be a great experience for all those involved.


Sunday will have Lena Birtwistle and her musical friends being a part of Lena’s Living Room … a jam kinda atmosphere of various songwriters / spoken word / poets/ mime… if you want… anyway it is about a laid back evening with vision being fun.


Monday has two touring acts… one rock, one folk rock-solo… we open our arms to touring artists… take a chance.


Tuesday night is Dress Rehearsal once again… if you want to get up for the first time or bring some new material or hash  over some work that needs to be done… very much a community evening.


Wednesday is the King of Canadian Comedy…. Mike MacDonald live at the Showroom… be prepared to split a gut…. at least have some holes poked in your realities…. and Matt Billon is gonna get us all in the comedy feel by starting off the night… now should you miss the night, they are at the Crofton Hotel Showcase Venue on Thursday March 22nd at 8pm  $20


Friday aids you in your social activism quota achievements… Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright are full of energy and great tunage that does bring to the forefront the perilous status of our west coast salmon in a most engaging manner… a real musical treat.


Saturday at 2pm is young seven year old Stacy Farkas showcasing her singing prowess, yes at seven years old she has prowess… sang to thousands last year on Canada Day… right near the top of the Victoria’s Got Talent series and has a desire to own a piano to further her musical career… and so the showcase to aid in raising that monies.


Saturday night will bring a new Victoria based acoustic stringed band called Beacon Hill to our stage for an evening of non-assaultive folk… both originals and traditional tunes.


till the next issue…. keep smilin’



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