coming up March

March has come up on us real quick this year…whoosh January/February gone….

well to end February off we have For The Love Of Words on Tuesday February 28th…another way of saying poetry night, Cowichan Folk Guild President Bill Daviey (aka Bill Levity ) hosts this monthly gathering

and heh…an extra day this month means a special visit by Shane Philip, the one man band so to speak,…didgeridoo/guitar/stomp box/hand percussion/djembe/vocals….and oh yeah good vibes…

Thursday starts off March with Beverley McKeen and friends…this local singer/songwriter has put together some killer musicians to highlight her great songwriting skills ….looking forward to this concert

Friday will see Sidney York arrive at the doorstep… 3 gals who were band geeks re discover each other on a flight and get back together with a new group exploring their musical history with new leaps and bounds….and Reid Williams is going to open…how cool is that.

Saturday has the duo’s of Flaming Skulls and Hearse, two rockabilly bands that are high energy

Sunday March 4th starts with Hope King’s monthly visit and then in the evening we see  singer/songwriter Anne Schaeffer, from Victoria these days, bringing her South American influenced tunage to the Showroom in a long overdue visit….so warmly jazzy…and great players joining her…

Monday is Lena’s Living Room….a bunch of girls get together creatively to explore their musical routes….very much fun

Tuesday March 6th is our first Dress Rehearsal of the month and hopes that new as well as veterans take the time to come out and perform…a friendly atmosphere

Wednesday is an evening off for us….ahhhh maybe go out for supper then take it easy…. a dream

Thursday is Steve McKinnon showcasing the material on his soon to be made public and long awaited CD, he has Marty Jones and Zak Cohen joining him

Friday March 9th is the return of David Vest…one of my new found friends…an amazing veteran boogie woogie piano player and story teller….a very relaxing evening of entertainment ( it will make those toes tap and fingers snap, I promise)

Saturday has Silva Sound from Saltspring bring their dub/fusion/rock wanting you to experience their sounds …a good thing to do on a Saturday night…

Sunday afternoon is Anna Borch’s monthly visit at 2pm (a young singer/songwriter who shows a whole bunch of promise)

The Sunday evening is free as we speak but that could always change…and usually does

but to end off this installment Monday night’s jazz performance by Eric St Laurent Trio is ‘a not to miss concert’ so be here

anyway till later …enjoy your life and do your best to include live performance in your scheduling


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