Showroom update Nov 3rd to Nov 11th

Good day!  Here are the shows coming up in the next week or so….


Thursday Nov 3rd – Monkey Junk – Swamp R&B, soul boogie and bedroom funk… Maple Blues award winners & Juno winners… electric blues at its best.


Friday Nov 4th – Rukus – ‘Golden Age of Rock n Roll’ … from Elvis to the Beatles and everything in between played the way you remember hearing them.


Saturday Nov 5th – The Royal Canadians / Redwood Green / Jordan McWilliam – three young local indie acts that explore rock n roll in their own various fashions.


Sunday Nov 6th 2pm – The Hope King Hour – 90 minutes of great entertainment on the first Sunday of each month – with a local young musician highlighted.


Sunday Nov 6th 7:30 pm – Marc Ross / Naomi Payan – They shared the stage this spring and a musical relationship started up – note the early start time…


Monday Nov 7th – Jessie Brewster – promoting a new CD ‘Wrecking Ball at the Concert Hall’, he just wrapped up a successful tour of the East Coast, Nashville and Austin.


Tuesday Nov 8th – Blues Tuesday (blues open mic/jam)  Where various off-duty blues players get together and rent ice time to shoot a game or two of musical shinny… no attitudes…. always interesting.  Hosted by Thor and the Thundercat.


Wednesday Nov 9th – Wendell Ferguson – The guitar players’ guitar player…. in a Chet Atkins style… CCMA approved… using references such as Lynn Miles / Russell de Carle / the Laws / Katherine Whitely to name a few..


Thursday Nov 10th – Jon & Roy – calling Victoria home, they have toured Europe, Canada and the USA as an unassuming folk act…. now a trio they take small songs and make earworms out of them.  They sold out Alix Goolden Hall last year (capacity 810!)


Friday Nov 11th – Bonnie St. Croix –  touring her new CD ‘ Canadian Girl’ (where one song was recorded in each Province and Territory of Canada.


Please visit the website’s ‘Show Schedule’ page for more shows as well as links to all the artists.  Thanks for your support!!


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