October 8th to 12th

Gonna give you all a heads up on the great shows scheduled for the next while…What to do on a long weekend with your visiting company?  Bring them to the Showroom….

Saturday with Kendall Patrick and Alex Hicks performing their originals and occasional renditions of standards in a fashion that is most engaging…sometimes solo, sometimes working the song with each other…

on Sunday afternoon at 2pm for Anna Borch who is putting in the stage time and showcasing her original tunes as well as another young artist of her choice once a month …

and in the evening at 8pm is Greg Madill…yes this where you want to give thanks …quite a gifted songwriter and musician , he brings his stellar trio for the performance….

The long weekend does include Monday and so we have good solid hard rock to end off the holiday… Three Quarter Stone and Fairweather Father…a good way to stay young…

Blues Tuesday again…yessiree….the monthly blues evening where various blues musicians get together and rent ‘ice time’ to shoot a game of musical shinny….showcasing as well as jammin’ with Thor and the Thundercat as the host performers…

Wednesday night sees Professor Gall …A Tincture of Junkyard Folk and Steampunk Jazz…..indie / jazz / roots music from Portland…come on give it up for an evening, take the chance….


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