a quick reminder June 20th – 30th

well we are still awaiting the rays of sunny summer….fret not they will appear….there is a 31 day summer festival scheduled for the whole month of July in downtown Duncan….yeah …I had a bit of spare time so the summer festival became a longer event…well a series of events all tied together under the umbrella of the 2011 Duncan Cowichan Summer Festival banner….there is a pretty nice brochure kicking about town and the valley…make sure you grab one or go to our web site    http://www.cowichanfestival.com ….you might notice the chances offered to see some of the Showroom’s performance teasers in the park….

but during all that and leading up to the festival the Showroom continues to give stage to some of the country’s finest young and veteran performers as they tour their songs across the nation…not to mention the great talent that has chosen the valley to be called their home ….we supply the venue/pa/lights/tech 7 nights a week in hopes that people will take the time out to check out these shows…  an ultimate culture venture…

anyway Monday night sees some the young rockin’ boys of Saskatchewan come checking out the west coast …always good to hear that prairie soul come thru…

Tuesday is open Dress Rehearsal and if the desire to perform  or are capable and want to try out new material…or you just want to see people have an amazing time….what a buzz to perform on that stage

Wednesday has Buck and Jes returning as duo this time…liked them as solo’s …I am sure iI will enjoy the new musical partnership

Thursday gets some of those Golden boys out here to rock us about….gosh they live in majestic  scenery….has to effect their music….

Friday sees the debut of a local endeavour into acoustic rock….I like their electric intricacies so I suppose I should expect another enjoyable evening of committed musicianship

Saturday has a band that got a hold of me and their choice of description intrigued me…electroacoustic / hip hop / pop….and that they are a 5 piece band and from the island…

Sunday (should be up on the site??….soon) sees a Wakefield Quebec gal taking her successes to the nation…I know her neighborhood and if they say she is good then there is true reason to believe…looking forward to this…also Dominiuqe Fraissard will be doing an opening set

Monday is sleeper of a show….every where else it is a minimum $20 show…tonight in Duncan and cause it is a Monday night we are putting the tickets at only $15 door $12 advance….check out his credentials…

then being the last Tuesday of the month, Bill Levity and his For The Love Of Words returns for yet another evening of spoken word.

Wednesday will be a lady by the name of Norma MacDonald…with  her roots in country and 2 ECMA nominations she is worth listening to…very much so

Thursday has a band by the name of Shade coming to town…cool poster and with intros like velvet underground meets belle and sebastion meets lucinda williams…I was curious….are you?


anyway till next time …do look for the 2011 Summer Festival brochure…and make sure you look closely at the front cover…see what you can discover…




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