a quick reminder june 7th thru till june 16th

so much going on I forgot to email out the quick reminder…best get on that right away cause there are some very interesting performances coming up…

Tuesday has been put out there as Blues Tuesday although it is only the  first Tuesday of the month….my mistake so this Tuesday June 7th is Dress Rehearsal and Blues Tuesday will be the second Tuesday of the month as it should be (June 14th)

Wednesday June 8th has the award winning guitarist and songwriter Andrew Smith return to the Showroom and again with his son in tow…(no slouch musically…keeps dad on his toes)…a don’t miss…do take the time

Thursday appears to be a night off…and it isn’t even hockey night…ahhhhh

Friday will see Electric Monk from Calgary bringing his guitar to show us his blues/indie folk rock…let’s see some young bands out to this one…even some older musicians….this guy is serious and I like his style..

Saturday has folk rock from Rusty Water and the Broken Troubadours who hail from that great London Ontario music scene….. wonderful harmonies in a non- assaultive  approach to rock

Sunday has an afternoon concert by a veteran performer Glen Chatten…touching various genres from blues to jazz to folk to country his very fine songwriting skills

Monday….Winnipeg continually  produces even more fantastic musicians…Emma Clooney and Dan Frechette ….and on a Monday night…no excuses

Tuesday is that Blues Tuesday mentioned before…check it out…Thor and Marty really put out the blues as the house band

Wednesday is a Montreal boy Jon Day (Jon Day Exhibit Trio) with a vocal range and intensity that is simply marvelous…ah yes, that Montreal connection….worth the price of admission

Thursday has Meaghan Smith (Juno winner) from London Ontario and Del Barber (should be a Juno winner soon) from Manitoba giving us a most enjoyable musical journey…we are so lucky to have this venue and all those that grace its stage with superb performances…and in Duncan

and also in Duncan is the 2011 Summer Festival where there are nearly 200 performances ‘free to the public’ scheduled in the downtown core…the whole month of July….keep a watch out for our brochure to come out after June 15th



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