a quick reminder May 8th -May17th


as I sit here writing this some local guys are jammin’ it out and making reason for all this time spent making sure a venue such as this exists….friggin’ cool

and the idea of being open 7 nights a week is quite a leap of faith for such a small community, ‘cept we get audience from Courtenay / Nanaimo / Victoria  quite frequently….why not…..such a great listening room, well worth the drive..so thank you to all who support the Showroom and all our ventures….and check out the Crofton Hotel Showcase Venue…food / drink and dance….so tempting…..every Friday and Saturday night….all the bands are really enjoying the arrangements we have set up for them there….

anyway, upcoming happenings at the Showroom include :

this Monday has a NFB movie being screened concerning eating disorders brought to you by the Canadian Mental Health ….and yes, there is a movie screen behind that red curtain (not just another pretty piece of fabric )…it is free but be here early as  seating is limited….

Tuesday is our monthly Blues Tuesday with hosts Thor and Marty…come watch or if you are a player, join in….no attitudes…just good musical fun….and the ‘blues’ is such a wonderful genre

Wednesday has touring  Jason Zerbin bringing his style of indie rock….do check out his link   http://www.myspace.com/jasonzerbin

Thursday the 12th is being discussed…there were two bands , both worth the price of admission and wanting the same night….not sure if one of them knowws the other one bowed out…they said they would be here….what I will do is post it on the site as soon as I confirm

Friday the 13th….scary….naw not really, some great tunes in an acoustic / americana / roots genre coming our way via alberta with Cam Penner and his good friend Jon Wood accompanying him on guitar….and reasonably priced….

Saturday sees the Ladysmith rock band Stone Vaughn Toole bring their fan base and we trust more new fans out for a great rock experience….these guys all have new families and those values show through in their songwriting….and they just so  enjoy what they are doing….infectious energy for sure

Sunday is the 1pm  performance of Children’s Hour…theatre brought to you by the Shawnigan Players as they remount their version to ready for the BC Festival coming up in Ladysmith….tis a fundraiser for them so do catch this performance…

and in the evening is real Canadian musical treat with Old Man Luedecke on frailin’ banjo….his last two cd’s have garnered him a Juno for each….from Nova Scotia, it is his 3rd visit here…and joining him will be the Ladies of the Canyon, 4 young ladies from Ontario that have joined forces and voices to become the new ‘must see’ Canadian musical experience (thanks to CBC)

Monday is an evening of songwriters in the round….3 Island singers share the stage in a panel format….so cool…..refreshing to say the least……

Tuesday brings us up to Dress Rehearsal where the Showroom opens it doors to an ‘open mic’ format…..always interesting


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