a quick reminder …april 27th thru till may 5th

writing this while listening to Peter Prince and his great dobro playing friend Don Harris….so the best you can do is watch it on the live stream or go back later and watch an archived concert….(another neat thang the Showroom does)

anyway, Thursday night has a band from Vancouver known as Pre /Post…pop rock, melodies set over electronic and acoustic rhythms….new and exciting, take a chance (forget the canucks)

Friday has a gentleman by the name of Jim Houston dropping in for an evening of porch -styled renditions of his songs..my research said this would be also worth it.

Saturday brings some heavy wordsmith’s to the stage in a hip hop fashion……..one from duncan and one from nanaimo….and special guest juggernaut b drops a couple tunes on as well

Sunday afternoon is Hope King’s monthly showcase…this gal is so there…

Sunday evening has perennial favourites Dianna Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley bringing their 40’s-50’s style writings to thoroughly entertain us

Monday has Ron Szabo coming to town….singer / songwriter who wants to be heard ..so if you are in the service industry and have Mondays off then you should come here

Dress Rehearsal Tuesday is  again open mic night and yeah, we let it go on late and the drum kit / bass and amp get out on to the stage… too much fun

Wednesday is  a band that I just liked the name…they wanted to come play the Showroom and I always say why not…homework night again…you figure out if you are into it

Thursday is another singer / songwriter worth investigating by the name of Tucker Green

and by the way this Saturday at the Crofton Hotel Showcase Venue sees Ryan McMahon and the Company Damn return for an evening of revelry

and thanks for supporting the Showroom and ‘live’ music


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