a quick reminder April 11th thru till April 18th

still waiting for the sun…..and in the mean time the Showroom has been just pumping through the entertainment schedule….so many great artists out there with things to say and sometimes very unique ways of saying it…and a special thanks to to Tony from The Crofton Hotel Showcase Venue for also keeping the “home to original music” theme …will supply that schedule at the end of this chat…

but heh…The Showroom…Monday evenings visit by Victoria’s Marley Daemon has me stoked …jazzy, acoustic folk…been seeing her name pop up in the musical circles of the island…worth checking out if have the Monday off, you in the service industry…

Blues Tuesday is the 2nd Tuesday of the month and always brings wonderful treats and surprises…some new players in town coming to play this month…  join us…Thor’s guitar work and vocals along with Marty on bass and vocals makes it worth just for that..

Wednesday is the Mr. Tim Williams gracing the stage of the Showroom….a true blues historian, and songwriter in his own right, he brings a sense of ‘living room’ to the stage…

Thursday is a day off for regrouping

and Friday…wonderful Friday…Kate Reid and  Evalyn  Parry will take you on a sensory journey through their witty and insightful lyrics delivered in a totally engaging format….did I say that?

Saturday is not a dance night nor is it designed to be a dance night….sit back and enjoy the musings of a great guitar player as well the life of a harmonica player laid at your feet…both are extremely ‘professional’ to their genres

Sunday has an afternoon jazz concert with Ryan Oliver…tenor saxophone  with bass and drums…probably will be sunny but heh…these guys are real good….a journey not to miss

nor is Sunday nights double bill of 2 female singer/songwriters… from the island, they both utlize the piano as the vessel with which to travel in and they also perform on acoustic guitar….and both have vocals that will mesmerize  us all

Monday is no slouch of an entertainment night….young PAt LaPoidevin has something so unique in his dedelivery that I must encourage you come check him out…at least watch in on ustream…just give him a listen, pleasee….and Jay Amar from Toronto is also worth the price of admission….so be here…

and we are back to Tuesday night Dress Rehearsals….bring your guitar, your voice,we have a piano, we have many things we can use to encourage you test the waters of being on stage…we also have many others who bring their new material for us to check out…a great community kinda feel on these nights…


as for the Crofton Hotel Showcase Venue

this weekend is Maria in the Shower on Friday night …from swing to samba, or folk to gypsy,  the common thread is the way in which every song is delivered….to make you dance

Saturday has the Bilgewater Buoys with their swamp rock styled blues…very danceable…opening set with Don Wilke….slide master of the national steel

get your tickets for Valdy on Thursday May 26th…an 8pm show…$20 ticket

hope to see you

and thanks for supporting “live”  “original ” music


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