a quick reminder – March 28th thru April 5th

well there are bunch more people back on board as I figure out how to add them…thanks for being so patient…

tons of great things coming up at the Showroom starting with For The Love of Words on Tuesday night…brings those poems or short stories or excerpts of your own writings or your favorite writer…truly an appreciation of words…

Wednesday has  2 time Juno nominee Elizabeth Sheppard  arriving  on her birthday for what will be a most memorable jazz moment in the Showroom…come catch this one

Thursday is another female vocalist, Emily Spillar, an island girl who through the use of loops creates new and groove / r & b  orientated tunes to work her vocals off…real and in the moment

Friday is the return of Ladysmith’s  Ryan McMahon and the Company Damn as they ready themselves for a Canadian tour that starts off at the Showroom….they do like to rock Ryan’s tunes with this format

Saturday is Bill Bourne in concert …ticket sales  are slow., how come?…doesn’t  anybody know who he is? or what kinda journey he will take us with his musical prowess?    come on people …time to do your homework and be here for a guaranteed stellar performance

Sunday has the monthly  Hope King Hour in the afternoon at 2pm…this young gal is stepping up to the plate cause she can…kudos for her stamina

Sunday night has Flying Fox and The Hunter Gatherers – A six piece band with a 2 piece horn section that plays their own unique blend of music that can be best described as ‘operatic indie jazz.’

Monday is the 3rd in a series of introduction/ workshop formatted sessions with healer Andrew Louisy….come see why you might want to have your own private session.

Tuesday is the first Dress Rehearsal Tuesday of the month of April so get your butt down here to listen or participate…always worth the visit at $5 for everyone…

thank you for your support and please make sure you turn other people on to the Showroom experience as we always are in need of ‘bums in seats’….gotta keeps the doors open


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