a quick reminder for March 20th-27th

wow…Fearing and White ….if in your neighbourhood, check out their show…their concert at The Showroom was numero uno…not only first of the tour but first ever concert by the new Fearing and White duo…beautiful raw musical energy as they began the road of discovery…to thsoe who attended…we all know what we experienced….

Friday gave us a new find in Marc Ross, singer songwriter of Winterpeg heritage now calling Vancouver home….and keep your ears and eyes open for Naomi  Payon, from France now relocated with her new family to the Cowichan Valley, she opened the evening and gave us all good reason to take note… we will do our best to make that an easy task.

Saturday evenings Showroom concert with Theda Phoenix was postponed to a future as yet determined date…this gave us a chance to work at he Crofton with Aaron Nazrul and Boom Boom who are performing at the Showroom this coming Wednesday March 23rd….don’t miss it…just don’t miss it

anyway…before then comes Sunday nights concert with Eric Harper….a singer/songwriter latin styled guitar playing entertainer who wants to take as many as he can on each musical journey…you should appease him

Monday is one of those nights where the chance to sit in a room and listen to a multitude of Neil Young tunes (as done by someone who is truly great at giving us that ‘neil feel’) and on the first day into spring

Tuesday is the Dress Rehearsal Tuesday where we encourage electric music as well…ie; drum kit and bass amp are supplied…come get your yaya’s out.

Wednesday is the Aaron Nazrul and Boom Boom show…really, you should be here to witness this..

Thursday is off so far but Friday has a rock night for sure…Derek Mattin wanted to start the tour in Duncan and so it seemed like a good thing to do…the Showroom really does rock well and if need be , we supply ear plugs…

Saturday is an evening of Island Hip Hop…yes there is a healthy hip hop scene on this island …and their words are being heard off the island as well….cause these guys are getting real good…let us spread the word….

Sunday night has DAve Philips coming back soon afetr his first visit…cause he wanted to…and we wanted him to…cause we really liked his personality and his abilities as a musician…and he has neat things to say with his music ( he has his band at the Crofton Hotel Showcase Venue on the Saturday night -26th)

well there we are, another almost on time segment of    “what is going on that Showroom”


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