a quick reminder

this is what I sent out for years and now after much prodding, am attempting to do once again… on a regular basis if all goes well…tonite’s concert is in a festival workshop styling…where the two performers are on stage  together taking turns with their material while the other might join in….Richard Caissie and Sue Medley…quite nice at soundcheck…Saturday’sJeff Martin show still has some tickets left so make sure you phone Ten Old Books and  get yours….

.beginning of the month has Hope King returning for her monthly Sunday afternoon concert at 2pm….and David Gogo showcases as a trio some great new material….

Monday has Jay and his Crystal Bowls in the Showroom for a very healing evening(7pm start)…

Tuesday night is Blues Tuesday and that is always fun…..full of wonderful surprises…….

Wednesday has the screening of NFB movie brought to you by the french immersion parents of the valley…of course the movie is in french…and there will be Q & A afterwards…….

Thursday is Ian Tamblyn….please do yourself a favour and check this guy out or just trust me blindly…do not miss the opportunity to be entertained by this fine gentleman at least once in your life…he defines the the word ‘enriched ‘….

if you can’t make it to the Showroom check out the live stream (or archived) concerts by going to ‘ustream’ and searching ‘thedgs’ … weshould come up if not scroll down to the broadcast bar and enter ther…you will figure it out…you got this far didn’t you?

and oh yeah…there is a DONATE  button on the home page connected to PAYPAL…makes it easy for those watching from home to contribute…..catch my drift ?


till next week…longevity john


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